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How To Optimize a WordPress Site – Google PageSpeed Score

With instructions on how to: Leverage Browser Caching, Enable Compression, Minify HTML, CSS, and JS, Optimize Images and Defer JavaScript – For WordPress Websites (typically using shared hosting, Cpanel, Apache Servers) One test that clients/employers will often ask their web developers or SEO consultants to perform on their websites is the Google PageSpeed test. This […]

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how to redesign a wordoress website

Redesign a WordPress website

So it’s been forever since I’ve written a blog post. Update: I actually started writing this post a week and a half ago, yeah had a crazy long 2 weeks to say the least. But back focused now.  That’s mostly because I’ve been recovering from redesigning 2 websites. And when I say recovering I truly mean that […]

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How To Get a Free Website

WordPress.com WordPress is the most popular and well supported content management system. You can gain access to thousands of free themes and plugins to build your website for free without any initial investment using WordPress. Sign up for WordPress. Wix Wix has a user friendly drag and drop website builder. You can create a flawlessly […]

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stop spam from contact forms on wordpress

Stop Spam From Contact Forms On WordPress

If you haven’t noticed yet, I usually write about these things when I’m doing them. My employer asked me to stop spam from contact forms on WordPress, so of course I used reCAPTCHA. So today was another amazing day of working really hard to grow in my career. On the daily I have many tasks […]

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how to convert blogger to wordpress

Convert Blogger To WordPress

So I am writing this post because I am doing this right now myself! When I started writing my blog posts I could have easily put them on WordPress from the very beginning, but I didn’t. I just felt compelled to start writing right away and going thru my hosting account and installing another database […]

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