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How To Put A Facebook Widget On Your Website

As with most things on the internet there are many different ways to put a Facebook widget on your website. However, it does not make all those ways the correct way. Putting a Facebook widget on your website has many advantages. The biggest one is giving your web users an element that they recognize to […]

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stop spam from contact forms on wordpress

Stop Spam From Contact Forms On WordPress

If you haven’t noticed yet, I usually write about these things when I’m doing them. My employer asked me to stop spam from contact forms on WordPress, so of course I used reCAPTCHA. So today was another amazing day of working really hard to grow in my career. On the daily I have many tasks […]

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how to convert blogger to wordpress

Convert Blogger To WordPress

So I am writing this post because I am doing this right now myself! When I started writing my blog posts I could have easily put them on WordPress from the very beginning, but I didn’t. I just felt compelled to start writing right away and going thru my hosting account and installing another database […]

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making money with content aggregation

Making Money with Content Aggregation

So the electricity is out here in my neighborhood in Puerto Rico, again! But looking for the silver lining, I now have time to write another blog post. You know constant motion. I want to share with you another online money making method, which can be a completely passive way to earn, but if done […]

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lauren alyce

How to Make Money from your Social Media Following

Turn your followers into dollars. A quick post on how to make money from your social media following. So we live in the age of social networking and it’s here to stay. The world was already getting smaller and with something like 7 billion people on the planet and majority of them using the internet, […]

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making money as a fashion blogger

Making Money as a Fashion Blogger – ShopStyle Info

Love seeing girls win making money as a fashion blogger, follow your dreams <3 The age of the internet is here to stay and as it grows with it the fashion world becomes bigger and bigger. It seems like every where I go I see a girl taking a picture of her outfit. And before […]

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