Mass Delete Facebook Posts

Instead of getting a new profile, keep your old one but start fresh. 

Have you ever wanted to just erase everything on your Facebook but didn’t want to check every single post and hit the delete button one by one? Well if so I am here to give you the best way to delete everything or only certain types of posts within seconds.
I’ve actually used this extension several times and I can verify that it absolutely works and is safe to install on your computer. 


– This extension is available only for Google’s Chrome Desktop web browser. 

– You must be logged into your Facebook and at your activity stream to for the extension to run

Step 1: Download the F_ _ _ ceBook Post Manager from the Chrome Web Store

Here is a link to the actual extension: click here. 

Delete Facebook posts
This is actually a powerful tool that will allow you to: 

  • Delete everything within a certain time frame
  • Hide/unhide posts from your timeline
  • Use conditionals like and/or to select certain types of posts 
  • Exclude posts that contain certain words or phrases 
  • + more 

Download the extension and run the installer. (I would put screenshots but I’ve already done it.) 

Step 2: Log in to Facebook and navigate to your Activity Log

So if you’re reading this I assume you know how to log in to Facebook and get to your own profile but many do not know of their activity log. Facebook has a page dedicated to your recording all of of activity on the social networking platform. The button for your activity stream is located right underneath your cover photo: 

This picture was taken on the Facebook mobile app, but to give you an idea of what you’re looking for you need to find the above section labeled “activity log.” 

Step 3: Open the F_ _ _ceBook Post Manager and Select your options

So once you’re on your Facebook activity log you need to open the extension. The button for it is located on the top right of your chrome browser next to the star to bookmark an item and next to the button to change see your browser settings. 

Once you have it open you will need to configure the settings to your liking. 

Here are three pieces of advice to ensure it works properly: 

  1. Double check your settings because once the post is deleted there is not a way to recover it. 
  2. Uncheck the box to see the process select posts (I honestly think it’s completely unnecessary to watch the application run) 
  3. Don’t speed up the processing speed, in fact slow it down and be patient. Patience is key here, the application has to locate all the posts based on your criteria, then begin the deleting process, and if you still chose to have the box checked you will also need to wait to get a confirmation then to approve the deletion process. So this whole process may take some time depending on how much content you have to be deleted. 

Step 4: Review your Activity Log and Timeline

Like I said this extension has always worked for me, but sometimes it didn’t delete everything I thought it would. So check your Timeline and Activity Log to make sure everything you want deleted is really gone. If not then my suggestion would be to just run it again, uncheck the box to see the application run, and slow the processing time. 

I’ve never had to run the application more than twice to get the desired results. 

So there you have it, if you have any questions just feel free to contact me. 



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