App Review: Better Habits

App Review: Better Habits

Optimize yourself so that you can be the most successful in your online money making business with the Better Habits app.

So this is an App review of an iOS app that I have just been introduced to called Better Habits. I’m blessed to have a lot going for me right now so it’s essential I develop better habits in my schedule and lifestyle. For the most part I manage well but the goal here is to optimize right?

So Better Habits is an app that is going to help me form just that, better habits. It tracks how well I’m doing trying to stick to them, and alerts me if I’m declining in developing my desired behavior. I have heard literally wonderful things about this app even though it’s brand new. So I want to get in early on developing life long habits that promote my growth and well being.

So this is a quick review of how to set up the app up:

Set up a Habit

So the first thing you want to do is setup a habit.

I want to make sure that I develop a behavior of always starting my work at 9 AM everyday. I usually actually start much earlier (because I’m awakened by 2 very hungry children every morning at 6am) but sometimes I don’t and I don’t like that behavior (also generally due to kids needing something) so we are going to train and develop this habit. I also will add habits for the kids like ensuring everything they need is prepared the previous night, thus making our mornings easier.

1. Set all the days this habit needs to be accomplished. For me that’s generally Monday thru Saturday.

2. Describe your habit or give it a name!

3. Next set the difficulty:

The difficulty allows you to throttle your habits expectation. So the harder you think the habit is to perform, the app will make you record more reps for that habit. This constant need to record and complete reps is what will help you focus and train your new behavior.

4. Set if any time needs to be allowed for the completion of this behavior.

5. Set a reminder so that you’re promoted to perform the expected behavior. A feature I love about this app is the Nag reminder:

I’m so here for the nag reminder! A pushy little app feature that is going to keep me on track, love it 💙

6. Lastly you will want to add any notes then save your behavior!

How to track your progress

Now you will be reminded about your desired behavior, when it’s time to record a rep (indicating that you performed the desired behavior)  just access your Better Habits app and  tap on your habit. You will see your progress bar for that habit advance. So this is how the app works! I am obsessed with this concept. It also has screens in which you can queue an active habit and see the habits you’ve formed, and how they developed.

I literally just started using this app this morning  so I will write another post once my habits are forming and I can give better insight into the app. However so far! I would say that this is an amazing application.

This is obviously not a technique to make money online, however at the same time it is. You have to be disciplined to really make your online making making ventures work. For myself, I want to move more efficiently. These characteristics will help you vastly in your business ventures online. I would recommended setting habits like:

  • Checking your analytics frequently
  • Checking the status of your ad accounts frequently
  • Taking time to review your clientele, audience or consumer periodically
  • Developing a clear and concise work schedule
  • Develop daily processes

These are just some examples of habits that will help you get to success in your online money making ventures.

If you have any questions about the app contact me! But more importantly if you have any questions or need ideas on what habits you should form to help you succeed in your online industry let me know!

Good luck today 💕


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