An Entrepreneurial Reflection on 2018

Hello Readers,

It’s been such a long time since I’ve reached out to you all. So much has happened in between the last post and this post. If you want to catch up on all that I suggest taking a look at the progression of these posts:

⁃ Video from my home in PR right before the hurricane hit last year:

⁃ My first week in Utah:

This post is a reflection post; which when I first started writing to you guys I really tried to avoid writing personal topics, I just wanted to write guides and references for making money online and internet entrepreneurship in general. A year later I’ve really come to appreciate the more introspective parts of entrepreneurship. The parts that I can’t document for you guys in a guide.

I basically sacrificed my business model when I moved to Utah because I had a fear that the companies I was contracted with would fold a bit due to the results of Hurricane Maria.

Note, that this was my first mistake. Fear.

As much as you’ve all heard me on many occasions say and write to not give up your strategies, I actually did and now I understand why so many people let their dream of entrepreneurship go. Sometimes it is out of pure necessity and I believe that it takes a great deal of humility to say I’m going to sacrifice my dream to support my family or myself.

So here I am over a year later quite comfortable, looking myself in the mirror like what should I do with my dream that I left behind?

For me personally, it’s never an option to quit.

And trust me there have been plenty of times that I wanted to. But when you’re true to your hustle, you never fold. Instead of being concerned that I didn’t take any action to progress in my strategy for so long, I’m going to just double down now.

I learned an important lesson this year as a result of all of this. Simply put, you cannot do things for the money. Every single post on this blog was written solely for the purpose of literally taking actions to make money, for the only purpose of having more money. And I believe that as someone who shares my entrepreneurial journey with you guys, I have done you a disservice by making the focus literally on making more money.

Before I was never able to buy into the sacrifice it takes to build a long term revenue stream because I was motivated by having the money to afford things that I wanted and sometimes needed. Again, fear of being crazy uncomfortable is what motivated everything.

So the main reason I am writing this post for you all is to influence you to not take any of my strategies or anyone else’s or your own dreams especially and do it for the money.

Real entrepreneurship is saying I do this because it’s a part of who I am that cannot be turned off. Becoming great at it is becoming truly self aware of the things you are good at and focusing solely on those things. And most importantly to be successful at it, you have to love that thing you determined you were good at.

I have determined that at my core, I love trying things. I love to see what works. And most importantly I love sharing those items with others who are seeking a better life.

And, In order to buy into my own philosophy at this point, I also have to recognise that this love I have may not make money like a business, but is monetizable with the right strategy.

I say all this to stress my last point. It’s easy to get stuck not doing the thing we are best at cause it doesn’t fall into our traditional idea of what business is. We live in a vastly evolving world where now a days one of the top paying jobs currently is literally just being yourself.

To conclude, I urge you all to take the end of 2018 and figure out what you’re good at, figure out what you love doing, and just do it more. Then go into 2019 doing nothing else (of course when you can); but saying I’m going to build business around this thing that I love.

I know it will work for you and me.. how do I know? Because I believe this to be true with all my heart and my heart wouldn’t let me believe a lie.

Of course since I am picking back up, I will drop an actual post with strategy in it soon. So check back soon.

With love as always,

Lauren Alyce

p.s. a look at my reflection post from 2017 to 2018 (funny how things change):


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