My 2017 Earning Plan vs 2018 Plan

Hey you guys!

It has been so long since I have written! For the whole year I struggled with should I write personal things on my blog?! I normally never do because 2017 was very much a year of wanting to become more “professional.” I gained so much experience this past year and grew such much in my profession that I feel like for the most part whatever approach I was taking was working somewhat well. So I want to give guys a quick wrap up of how my 2017 went!

Simply said I think you are hurting your chances of getting great job, contract, or opportunity by not having a well dressed LinkedIn page and not being socially active on LinkedIn.

To give you an idea of why I feel like 2017 was such a success, you will have to first understand that in Oct of 2016 I was not making any money at all! I mean I was with e-commerce sites and little side businesses but nothing substantial or consistent. I really wanted a steady stream of income so that’s why I started to look for work online. I did make a big transition from being primarily a developer to becoming a dedicated online marketer, which was my goal and I definitely think I accomplished that.

In 2017, I inked contracts for a total of $70k in salaries, I ended up raking in just a little bit under that figure considering all my work contracts didn’t always run consecutively (some ended before others began). In that time I also bought 2 cars, rented 2 separate apartments, moved half way across the world, and restarted my life in other state. I had a ton of problems in 2017, A TON, but earning wise I consider 2017 a success. I truly believe that it could have been better if not for problems in personal life, my own lack of focus at times, and if I had changed parts of my lifestyle; like having a set routine/schedule for everything.

Alright so how did I do it?

Step 1: I interviewed for everything

Two apps that I loved to use during my 2017 job search were LinkedIn (the regular app and the one that comes just for job search) and the Indeed App.

Simply said I think you are hurting your chances of getting great job, contract, or opportunity by not having a well dressed LinkedIn page and not being socially active on LinkedIn. Once you have your LinkedIn page perfect then you can start using the app to apply for Jobs (if you’re really serious you can do what I did and pay the extra $30 for the premium membership, in ways I did think it was worth it.)

My strategy was simple, I applied for every job – almost all of them unless it was just something I knew I did not want to do – that allowed me to “easy apply” by clicking 1 button to submit my LinkedIn application. I would do this daily at least a few times a day, go through and hit easy apply on everything!

I did the same with my Indeed resume. First, I made it as clean and informative as possible. Then I would go through a few times a did and hit apply on everything I could apply with easily with using my Indeed resume.

If you do this, the end result will be you applying for 100 jobs, and if your skill-set, resume, and profile are any good I can guarantee that you will get interviews. I did I probably went on at least 15 interviews this year. You can always only schedule the interviews for jobs you really want.

Step 2: I decided I could and would work a lot

So before I knew it I was getting tons of opportunities left and right. I have always wanted to make A LOT of money. Unfortunately, most people think there is some easy way to do this and there just isn’t. It takes A LOT OF WORK, sacrificing time, and sacrificing energy from other parts of your life to focus on your work or earning strategies. I had issues in personal life that really sparked me to go all out, unfortunately for me I tend to work the hardest when I want something.

So at the very beginning of my journey I decided that no matter, what I would work as much as I could.

My strategy was very different than most people looking for a job.

I wanted to work from home, I wanted to take multiple remote part time jobs in marketing, and I wanted to manage them consecutively to earn the most money I could. 

Some weeks I was working like 50 hours a week, when I first woke up, before feeding myself, and everything else. I cared that much about growing! Towards the end of the year is when my load was the heaviest managing 4 clients at one time, and even though I made the most money then that’s when the flood gates really started to open and I started to feel overwhelmed. At the same time I was going thru having been displaced because of a hurricane and being forced to basically start over with nothing. I truly look at it as a miracle that I somehow maintained most of 2017 with all of the work and issues that were presenting themselves.

But also I had an extreme amount of passion and determination and I really wanted to prove to myself and others that I could earn a significant amount of money all on my own without any influence or help.

Step 3: I invested in myself a lot

I probably ran more advertisements, promos, and campaigns for myself this year than anyone I know. I took MAJOR risks as well! I got into purchasing Instagram accounts on eBay, purchasing web applications on Flippa, building websites for Google Adsense, trying to resale from Amazon to Facebook, creating my own Fiverr account, automated affiliate marketing and everything else I could think off!

Some of these things never earned me a dime, in fact some of theme cost a lot (Like trying to open an actual store front) but some of them did earn, and the experiences and knowledge I learned was invaluable.

I am not afraid to admit that I don’t always know what my path or goal is with all of this other than to earn a lot of money, but I will say that if you feel the same way and you’re struggling to find out what method is going to be good for you, the one you can really earn with, and if you have the time and freedom, then try everything!

My conclusion on 2017

Overall my biggest weaknesses in 2017 were a lack of focus, personal issues in my life, and not establishing consistent routines and processes for my work. in 2018 I definitely want to have less weaknesses overall and more focus, especially since my plan for 2018 is just completely different than 2017.

Even though I consider 2017 a success earning wise, it was not a success personally for me as an entrepreneur. I struggled towards the end trying to manage so much and trying to attempt to go from a single individual to a marketing firm with others helping with my clientele. I also let many of my own personal business models go in favor of helping other businesses and clients grow because I wanted the money.

While in 2018 I plan to maintain my current position and surely continue trying to take on more clients, my 2018 earning plan is focused centrally on growing my own streams of income. I never put my 2017 plan to paper, it developed out of my determination and necessity. But I actually have created an outline for my 2018 that I would like to share with you all soon!

Hope you all had a happy New Year, contact me if you have any questions about how to use LinkedIn or Indeed to get clients for your business.

With love,






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