How To Record & Edit Videos For YouTube on iPhone

Recently I have been focusing my extra time on getting my sons YouTube channel started.

Since my son was a little baby I have been snapping his picture and recording his journey on Instagram. I truly believe that I am no different than many moms who are sharing everyday, more and more, adorable pictures of their kid. Because I’m so into the internet I know the benefits that starting your child on content sharing early can have long term on their lives.

I had thought some on putting my son on YouTube in the past, but I think the strongest reason I did not sooner was because I thought I wouldn’t have the time for it. Not only that I am a perfectionist so I wanted to create the best quality video I could, and feared that I didn’t have the equipment it would take to do so.

Now, after watching so many Gary Vee videos, I know now that it doesn’t matter if it’s perfect and saying you don’t have time for it is just an excuse. So I wanted to figure out a way I could make YouTube videos using little to none of the time that I need for work and spending with my children, and also to make good quality videos directly from my iPhone without having to purchase a better camera. So here are the steps on how to make YouTube videos from iPhone:

Recording video on iPhone

Setting iPhone to Record in 1080p HD

The first thing you will want to do is adjust the settings on your iPhone to record video in 1080p. This will ensure that you are making quality high definition recordings. To do this just go to your phones settings, then down to Photos & Camera, and change the Record Video setting.

Settings > Photos & Camera > Record Video

Even though these settings will help you create a higher quality video, the resulting videos will consume a lot of space on your iPhone so be careful. 

How to take video on iPhone correctly

Now you can begin recording videos. The first mistake that I made was to record videos with my iPhone in portrait orientation. Obviously this doesn’t convert to well for the videos being rendered on YouTube in landscape orientation. So step one if you want the best quality video is to make sure that you are recording the video with your phone in the landscape orientation. Here are my quick tips for a quality video:

  1. Try to keep the camera still which can be difficult when you’re holding your phone. A few tools that can make this easier are a mini iPhone tripod or a camera/selfie stick.
  2. Find the light! The lighting conditions will play a huge role in the quality of your videos. Although the iPhone does have a light on the rear facing camera for video, it can sometimes make the quality of your videos worse, and is better used close up versus lighting an area.
  3. Make sure to shoot in the landscape orientation so that when you upload the video to YouTube everything fits well and parts of your video aren’t being cropped or resized too small.
  4. Shoot from different camera angles and try recording scenes by placing your phone off in the distance. You can use these differing perspectives to make your video more interesting in the editing process.

Editing the video on iPhone

Best app for video editing on iPhone

So there are a plethora of apps available to you for video editing on your iPhone. I have tried many of them and many weren’t so good.

Last week I paid $2.99 for a video editor I thought was going to be amazing. It was being advertised at the top of the “video editor” search results in the iPhone App Store and had many good reviews. I purchased it and spent about an hour putting together a video (which was way too long) and attempted to save it and kept receiving an error. Super frustrating!

So I did a little bit of research and have been editing all my videos with the Splice app from GoPro. I love this app. The interface for selecting, merging, and editing your videos is super simple to use. What took me an hour on the other app took less than 20 minutes using Splice. You can add text, music, slide transitions, and many other features with this great video editing app. And on top of all that it is absolutely free.

Uploading the video to YouTube

Issues with the YouTube Capture App

I have tried many different apps including Splice to try and upload my videos to YouTube directly from my iPhone and not one has worked that well. This includes YouTubes very own Capture app. The YouTube Capture app allows you to record video, edit it, and upload it to YouTube. So why not just use this app from the beginning? Well I’ve found that it doesn’t work that well, even when attempting to just upload a video it can be a slow and repetitive process. This review from Mr. Not Rodger Ebert sums up the issues with the app quite clearly:

However, the issues only really seem to arise when your iPhone goes to sleep during your video upload. As long as you can stay active on your iPhone while the upload is in process you should still have a relatively short and easy upload time.

When using this app, make sure it’s set to upload your video in 1080p. Even though you’ve recorded your video in HD you will want the app to process the upload the same way. So after downloading the app, access it’s settings, and adjust them to upload in 1080p:

How long does this process take?

Well, recording can be a lengthy process depending on what you’re shooting. But to edit a video of 10 minutes and upload it to YouTube it generally takes me about 20 mins. So there you have it! An inexpensive and quick method to get started producing high definition videos for YouTube right from your iPhone.

Let me know if you any questions ☺️👋🏾



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