Making Passive Income with Tumblr using Adult Content

A lit bit of strategy for you.. passive income techniques are key to being successful in this game. To be a millionaire you have to diversify your earnings, 7 income streams are needed to see real growth and security.

While reviewing my e-commerce sites I started to feel anxious. E-commerce sites, again they can be successful, but never is it instant and it takes A LOT of work and time. Even though I’m going to put the effort in on my sites regardless, right now I need money and with 2 small children I have no time. I have to spend the free time I have wisely in this moment. So I’m going to start back up with my Tumblr queues to make money. This is a really simple technique to make money online and after the initial set up it’s a completely passive way to earn.

I currently use my queues to monetize 2 types of content adult content and fashion/lifestyle content. This post is written to give you my strategy on how to make passive income using a Tumblr queue and adult content.¬†Alright let’s get started!

What you are going to need to accomplish this:

A Tumblr account – It does not matter if your blog doesn’t have followers. My Tumblr I use for this method doesn’t have followers either, its brand new. If you do have followers, great you’ll make more money easier.
An active domain – You can get one from Godaddy it doesn’t need to be a .com but I would recommend a private registration. Unless your a G and you’re going to serve up anyone who comes to find you like me.
An affiliate account – In this case I am using Crakrevenue- You can sign up for Crakrevenue here. Crakrevenue is one of the affiliates I use to make money in the porn industry.
Now that you have everything you need…

After you have signed up for Crakrevenue, or your affiliate program of choice, choose an offer that suits your needs and collect your referral link from them. Visit your domain account and set up forwarding on your domain to your affiliate referral link. I set up forwarding with masking so that when the user is redirected it still appears to them as though they are in my domain still. Alright now anytime someone hits your domain they will automatically be redirected to your affiliate referral link and you will make money.

So, how to get people to go to my new domain?

Well there are many ways of course, but an easy way for me is to use Tumblr. I like Tumblr for several reasons:

They allow porn.
They allow porn.
They allow porn.
Ok really other than those reasons, they allow post descriptions to include links, and the community there is incredibly vibrant. I truly believe that as a social media platform and as a utility to make money Tumblr is always underrated. The truth is its technologically easier to make money on Tumblr than on any other social media platform. Mostly because Tumblr doesn’t fuckin care, they just want you to tumble and be yourself unlike censor happy Facebook and Instagram.

Tumblr is a blogging community, so in order to gain our traffic from this community we have to contribute pictures, videos, or gifs usually. Because I deal in porn, I go out to the internet and find as many pictures and gifs of interracial porn that I can. They key is to find clear images with no watermarks. If you are using an affiliate that is not a porn affiliate that’s fine, the same idea applies, you need quality unmarked pictures.

Now we are going to take all our pictures and watermark them with our new domain. I just do a Google search for “bulk watermark tool free” and choose the site that will allow me to bulk watermark my photos. Once my photos are all watermarked with my domain – – I begin uploading them to my Tumblr queue. The queue is an important aspect of Tumblr.

Not having a queue and also not allowing automatic posting are 2 of the biggest ways Instagram makes it difficult for people like me to make a dime. That’s part of the reason I love Tumblr.

I set my queu up to release 12 photos per day. I would set it up to the max point if I could obtain that many pictures ever (usually I don’t have the time.) Anytime you are publishing on social media and expecting to get traffic in return you need to add hashtags. I could write a whole post on how people and businesses commonly fuck up their posts with bad hashtags or get a low point of return from social media because of it. In short, hashtag your posts with tags that are going to get them seen. As I mentioned before, Tumblr also allows some html in post descriptions. Since I am marketing interracial porn, I generally put something like this in my descriptions:

“Find an interracial hookup on”

Now that everything is in the queue, you can just sit back and collect your money. The queue will release your watermarked photos into the Tumblr community while you’re doing whatever you want. Are you guaranteed to get lots of impressions? No, but you are going to get some. You will get many more if you are interacting with the community (which isn’t passive but would you rather like on FB all day which earns you nothing, or like on Tumblr which can earn you money.) With the way my affiliate program is setup, one conversion for me will equal $40. This may take an hour of my time to set up but If I get only 1 conversion from it, then I made $40 dollars for an hour total of work. Of course you can make more easily, the only trick to this is the volume of photos you can collect and how much you want to interact on Tumblr.

So I hope this information is helpful to you, its definitely one of my easier methods. I’ll be spending the next few days finishing up my e-commerce video for you guys but also setting up 50 of these queues. Yes 50, literally 50. When I decide to go strong, I go all in.

Its almost 2 am now, so yeah I’m done. Contact me if you have any questions, and please share my post or my video if I helped you!



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