Google Adsense Diary #3: Ad Inserter Plugin

Hello Readers,

So today I’m finally getting around to switching all my ad blocks to my new Adsense account.

In my vlog, you may have heard me say I switched my Google Adsense code via Google Tag Manager, which I did. Although, I had switched the code that controls my site globally, I had forgotten that I used a plugin to control where certain ads appear on my site as well.

In this earlier post I was referring to how I use to blend my ads with my content:

Best Google Adsense Practices

And I also noted that I’m going to test Googles recommended web layout/ad format soon.

Basically, what I and many others currently do is blend ads between post content in addition to having the global auto ads running. Without a plugin or knowledge of programming this can be difficult to do. As you all know, I generally develop my websites on the WordPress platform, so I opted for a plugin to help me achieve inserting ads in my post feeds.

The plugin I currently use on my site is “Ad Inserter.” It’s an exceptional plugin for solving this issue, it’s free, and it’s heavily supported.

What it allows you to do is insert “ad blocks” between different areas of your site content.

You can do this via PHP, shortcode, and widgets. You can also turn on automatic insertion; with this option you can choose a variety of more specific locations to auto insert your content. For myself, I just toggled the setting to show my ads only on category pages and tag/ archive pages (all other locations were being handled by the Google Adsense Auto Ad Settings.)

So my problem was solved quickly by just switching this one additional piece of code above out with new code from new Adsense account.

Now all my earnings will be deposited in my new account and my stats will report accurately.

Google did mention they mailed my verification card again, and my UPS change of address from Puerto Rico to the US was processed so their is still chance I could cash out the earnings from my old account.

All in all, I do know there are limitations for accounts located in certain countries.

Since I have opened my new account here in the U.S. I have not been asked to verify my account.

So, although I feel there is a lost involved with potentially loosing the revenue I earned before, and just my overall account strength, having this new account will be better.

Mostly importantly, I will be able to easily withdraw my earned funds now and I have a fresh starting point to optimise from.

Check back for my next update! Now that all this is finally solved, I will finally be optimising to achieve max revenue potential from my Adsense ads.

Happy New Years,


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