Google Adsense Diary #2: My AdSense Stats

Hi Everyone,

I have a major update on why my ad coverage percentage appeared to be so bad. Turns out I never removed some of the ad blocks from my first ad account and on that side, things have actually been doing pretty well since I’ve picked back up.

So essentially I did not do my due diligence everywhere when switching my ad accounts and have been serving ads from two different accounts.

This problem is still a symptom of Adsense not allowing you to change the country on your account after you select it:

Basically, if you watched my video then you know I had to create a new ad account because I moved from Puerto Rico to Utah and could not get my verification card to receive my Adsense revenue.

So, I have now earned more money in an account in which I have not been able to receive it, and honestly I’d rather keep this account than start over. So my fix for this week is a notice of change of address to USPS and the request of a new verification card. Not very tech savvy, but this is a diary update not a guide and this is the way to fix this problem.

It could take a few weeks to receive the card. So my next major decision to make is: Will I pull all these ad blocks (from my first account, that are performing well) down and convert everything to the new account?

Unfortunately the answer is probably, yes I will. Even though I think this will be detrimental in the short term, what if everything in my strategy keeps working and I start earning more quickly? I could earn a lot of money before I even get this verification card or worse it could just not come.

All in all I think it’s a very silly issue that Google should probably offer better support to resolve.

Once I have all of my ads on my sites consolidated into my new account, I will write another update for you guys. That should give us an accurate starting point. Then I will write strategy updates for increasing each stat specifically.

I do hope you’ll check back soon ☺️ in the meantime I will write an Instagram strategy post as a Christmas gift to you all, so look out for that. I am back on the grind to increase my followers and as always my strategy is killing it. (@misslaurenalyce)

Contact me if you need help in the meantime and I hope you all are having happy holidays ♥️


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