Google Adsense #1: Reviewing My AdSense Stats

Update #1 — 1-1-2019:

Now that I have fixed all the issues with my Adsense account by converting my ad blocks to a new account. My coverage has improved greatly.

I still do not have 100% coverage though. I will give it a week or so to try and improve before a write another post on what I will do to achieve 100% coverage from my Google Adsense ads. Read before for proper updates.


Hi everyone,

Today I am going to start a little diary on how over the next few weeks I will put in several fixes on my website to improve my ad coverage for Google Adsense ads.

Right now my coverage is very low. There could be several factors playing into this:

1. Having to get a new account:

2. I didn’t really optimise my content that much before. – I never really had the time, I just wanted to create as much content as I could at first.

3. My previous account was still very new and my content was very new as well, but I had done some ad placement and saw great results. Versus in this new account, from the beginning, I have just been running auto ads.

So here is my coverage percentage at this time:


It really is quite terrible. I know that 100% coverage obviously is possible (Google encourages it) so I want that to be the goal.

Fix #1: Reviewing best practices for ad placement

Decreasing number of ads

So the first thing I want to do in my testing is decrease the number of ads that I have displayed on my site overall. While this may seem contrary to earning (less ads, less money right?) in this case it’s going to help by making my served ads more quality.

When I was reviewing Googles best practices, they advised to place ads on just your most trafficked pages and to make them visibly stand out. In the past, it was common for site owners to blend ads into their content to increase click thru rate. I’ve even done this on some of my own sites. But I am going to update to all these best standards to display my ads somewhat separately from my content and mark them as “Sponsored Links.”

Optimising my Site and Content

Aside from decreasing the number of ads overall, I am now going to put much more focus into their overall placement. Again, follow Googles recommended advice.

I want you to understand that I am choosing to follow all of Googles recommended practices because I believe it’s simply part of the formula of optimisation. Google recommends different layouts for web content and ad placement.

Let’s take a look at a few:

In my case it will be easy to switch my content and ad placement around to be more like one of these examples.

While I don’t recommended that you immediately just begin changing your website to match these templates, I think you should take into consideration how Google thinks ads should best be placed.

You can also run some a/b testing by changing content/ad areas on your website to see how effective those changes are.

Will this help my total ad coverage percentage?

I definitely think it will! But as with any test you’ll have to check back in a few days for the next update to see how effective these changes are.

If you want to know where I got the details from, you can check out Googles best practices here.

Hope you’re all having a good day,


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