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The age of the internet is here to stay and as it grows with it the fashion world becomes bigger and bigger. It seems like every where I go I see a girl taking a picture of her outfit. And before you know it that picture is on the internet. So it isn’t surprising that thousands of young girls are out searching for how to be a fashion blogger.

The basic concept of fashion blogging is easy enough to understand. Girl has great style + camera + blog or social media network equals a blogger right? Sure if you don’t want to make any money. Making money as a fashion blogger requires technique just like any other online money making method.

making money as a fashion blogger

So how to make it profitable? There are many ways to turn your fashion hobby into your fashion job. Making money as a fashion blogger is tot Like any of the other techniques I share it will take time, focus, and patience to really become profitable. Like Gary Vee says this is a marathon not a sprint kind of a thing.

ShopStyle Collective Affiliate Program

I love clothes but personally being a fashion blogger isn’t for me, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t try making money as a fashion blogger. The program that I used is known as ShopStyle Collective. ShopStyle has a wonderful website that you can use to actually shop for the newest trends and also an affiliate program that you can use to earn. You will find many comparative reviews of ShopStyle versus other programs like it on the internet, like this one, I read when I was first starting out with this affiliate. However I’m here to just give you the basics.

How do you get paid using Shopstyle Collective

As with any other affiliate program the point is to promote links on the internet. Attempting to get that brand or website more traffic. So you’re wearing this awesome outfit today and share a picture of it to your followers along with your affiliate link to where they can find your really trendy t-shirt online.. What do clicks from your followers get you?

A click through on a Shopstyle affiliate link will generally earn you a few cents. Literally I think the most I ever earned on a single click was maybe 10 cents. Also keep in mind I didn’t try this very long because I realized my calling was in marketing just not this kind of marketing, but I now know all this knowledge so sharing it is the right thing to do. I still doubt based on the research I’ve done that you make a lot on clicks only unless you have a very high amount of traffic coming inbound, I will address this issue later in the post.

On the contrary a click and then a purchase leads to a commission which depending on several variables could mean a relatively large payout. Mostly you can figure out how you’re paid on commissions by looking at a few things. The first is the price of the item. Obviously a very expensive item will earn you a higher payout overall than something that say only costs $5.

But keep in mind you also have to promote this expensive item, if you can’t buy it yourself or at least figure out a way to get it in front of people who could buy it then maybe you should promote items appropriate for your demographic. Generally when you are promoting an item, especially one like clothing, in my opinion it is best to be very genuine. Your style is the outside embodiment of who you are, if you’re trying to promote Louboutins for the money, but would never be caught dead spending $1000 dollars on shoes because it just goes against your ethics, then you probably won’t be successful.

The second thing is the affiliate commission rate. I do not believe that ShopStyle shows you the specific commission rate on the items however I am certain that they mark many items as “high commission” items.

So let’s recap, how are we making money as a fashion blogger:

  • Clicks get cents 
  • Purchases get dollars sometimes lots of dollars 

Ok now, how do you really earn with the ShopStyle affiliate program?

If you’re my reading my blog posts by now you know I am get to the point kind of girl. But what I really want you to know is that what I do is strategy. Like one of my favorite presidents ever George W. said this is “strategery.” Even though I didn’t promote affiliate links from ShopStyle for very long I did make money. So this is just my advice from the perspective of a person who tried everything.

Share and share big

You need traffic to make an effort like this profitable. That is the bottom line. The easiest way to get traffic is to share on the internet. Whether you have a big following or a small following share to them. I know this sounds obvious, me telling you to share, but one of the biggest things that cripples people who are just starting out is the fear of sharing. Not only should you share to your followers but you need to also find every avenue that’s appropriate for you to be sharing on, and share there too.

Here is a few places you can share your fashion content that isn’t Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter:

  • – A community of online fashion bloggers sharing their looks
  • IFB Link A La Mode – A major resource for bloggers in the fashion industry
  • – A content curating platform that provides people with content they want to see

Also, here is a great link that I found that can help you boost your traffic directly from Pinterest: 50+ Pinterest Group Boards for Bloggers to build traffic

Invest in yourself

Literally one of the biggest things that you can do to help yourself right off the bat and feel good about what you’re doing is invest in yourself. Take a small budget and say this is my budget that I am going to use to promote my post today. When I started to invest in myself promoting my posts and content with social media ads a whole knew world was opened to me. The reach that you can gain especially as a new blogger, with even a small investment in yourself, can not only improve your brand but really put you in a position to even have the potential to earn. For example, I have ran an Instagram ad for $5 dollars a day and reached 5 thousand people. If you do not invest in yourself you will be looking at a very slow climb to the top. Making money as a fashion blogger will happen faster for you when you make investments in it as if it were your career.

Is becoming a successful fashion blogger possible? Is making money with fashion blogging worth it?

The answer is honestly, yes. It is absolutely amazing how many girls I see succeeding in an industry that they truly love. On the other hand so many girls I talk to say I just can’t seem to be getting the response I want or I don’t know where to start. This is the answer I have to that, from someone who wanted to be a fashion blogger, tried it, and decided it wasn’t for me. The first thing you have to do is create constantly, and in the fashion blogging industry this means taking lots of pictures. If you are not doing this, chances are you will just be out shadowed by the people who are just out creating and sharing their content consistently. So start there, then if you are still not getting the response that you want then my answer would be that you don’t know your audience very well.

I always want to be so much more detailed when I write these posts, but unfortunately I don’t have very much time, so I try to get straight to the point. If anyone ever reads this and wants to know more information directly from me or wants to talk strategy about making money as a fashion blogger, I am always open to that just email me at [email protected]


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