Quick Post: Gary Vee’s #2017FlipChallenge

Quick Post: Gary Vee’s #2017FlipChallenge

I’m challenging myself to write this post in less than 10 minutes.

If you follow me on some of my social platforms then you know I love Gary Vee. I watch his videos for inspiration all the time. Well this year, one of them in particular really got me thinking. That video was this one about the #2017FlipChallenge:

So this got me thinking, I have to do this. I purchase things all the time. Designer shoes for growing kids, ya don’t need those pair of Air Max’s I bought for the dream babies 1 year ago. In all of my free time for the next week here I will be setting up my #2017FlipChallenge. I will gather all the items I have, price compare them, set up auctions and listings for them online, and flip them! I am even thinking of flipping my own car. I want to try to make a few thousand dollars as quickly as possible.

Check back for my next quick post on how I set up my challenge.


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