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I have been building on the internet for a little while now and I wanted try something new that would keep my attention. Day trading interests me because there is a huge potential to earn. However, I know that it requires skill and I also know, that I know nothing about how to do it. So I leveraged some resources I knew of and opened my mind to the concept of learning more about trading.

I am thinking about having a pretty substantial part of my earnings traded soon, so mostly I just want to learn about if this is a smart idea for me and how it works without having to make an initial investment. After I learn what day trading is all about then I will use a service that I know of to have my money traded.

Contact me for details if you want to fast-track your knowledge on day trading with a program that I know of that has been getting pretty great results. I am going to probably join this program myself I just want to do some knowledge building first. I want to keep a vlog and post updates as I go thru exploring day trading, the different programs I join, and eventually how I have my earnings traded.

I started this process with some, a very small amount, of research and I learned 3 things:

1. I need to choose a market

I chose Forex because of the over low initial capital investment upfront, I think the required balance is $500. Where as trading stock would requires 25k to begin.

2. I need to practice

I will have to trade for a few months in my practice account before attempting to trade live.
I created a practice account with OANDA. At this point I know literally nothing about this practice account or how to use to but I am going to figure it out. I will post a video update soon.

3. I need to choose a broker

Before I can start trading I will have to choose a broker. I am not going to worry about this for now as I just need to stay focused on seeing positive results in my OANDA practice account.

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