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I put a lot of merit into creating a solid online presence for my brand and the brands that I work with. Find out how I do this with web exposure, social media, and more.
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How To Optimize a WordPress Site – Google PageSpeed Score

With instructions on how to: Leverage Browser Caching, Enable Compression, Minify HTML, CSS, and JS, Optimize Images and Defer JavaScript – For WordPress Websites (typically using shared hosting, Cpanel, Apache Servers) One test that clients/employers will often ask their web developers or SEO consultants to perform on their websites is the Google PageSpeed test. This […]

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how to redesign a wordoress website

Redesign a WordPress website

So it’s been forever since I’ve written a blog post. Update: I actually started writing this post a week and a half ago, yeah had a crazy long 2 weeks to say the least. But back focused now.  That’s mostly because I’ve been recovering from redesigning 2 websites. And when I say recovering I truly mean that […]

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How To Get a Free Website WordPress is the most popular and well supported content management system. You can gain access to thousands of free themes and plugins to build your website for free without any initial investment using WordPress. Sign up for WordPress. Wix Wix has a user friendly drag and drop website builder. You can create a flawlessly […]

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how to use google tag manager

Google Tag Manager Guide

As marketers we sign up for so many different tools from social media to analytics, can you honestly remember off the top of your head every tag you have inserted in your website? The other day I noticed one of the websites I just finished building was running particularly slow and taking a while to […]

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Mass Delete Facebook Posts

Instead of getting a new profile, keep your old one but start fresh.  Have you ever wanted to just erase everything on your Facebook but didn’t want to check every single post and hit the delete button one by one? Well if so I am here to give you the best way to delete everything […]

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How To Record & Edit Videos For YouTube on iPhone

Recently I have been focusing my extra time on getting my sons YouTube channel started. Since my son was a little baby I have been snapping his picture and recording his journey on Instagram. I truly believe that I am no different than many moms who are sharing everyday, more and more, adorable pictures of […]

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optimize your youtube channel

YouTube Guide #1: Optimize Channel

A quick guide to how to optimize your YouTube Channel and get the most earning potential. In the last week I have become immersed with YouTube. I have created a channel for myself, my son, and reviewed several YouTube channels from top to bottom. There were many things I already knew about YouTube, most of my […]

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