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Have you ever wanted to make money online to supplement your income, or build your own online business, or even just quit your job and travel the world?
Well using some of my techniques you can turn your dreams into reality by learning how to earn money online.
I went from working in a cubicle to working from home (or any place I choose) using my laptop, and on my own schedule in just 3 years.

Here are the top ways you can make money online:

Taking online jobs – micro-jobs, surveys, marketplaces for workers
Becoming an entrepreneur – running your own e-commerce store, or flipping on ebay
Earn using your social media – getting paid to promote brands

Use these methods to make money online:

Google Adsense Diary #3: Ad Inserter Plugin

Hello Readers, So today I’m finally getting around to switching all my ad blocks to my new Adsense account. In my vlog, you may have heard me say I switched my Google Adsense code via Google Tag Manager, which I did. Although, I had switched the code that controls my site globally, I had forgotten […]

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Google Adsense Diary #2: My AdSense Stats

Hi Everyone, I have a major update on why my ad coverage percentage appeared to be so bad. Turns out I never removed some of the ad blocks from my first ad account and on that side, things have actually been doing pretty well since I’ve picked back up. So essentially I did not do […]

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Google Adsense #1: Reviewing My AdSense Stats

Update #1 — 1-1-2019: Now that I have fixed all the issues with my Adsense account by converting my ad blocks to a new account. My coverage has improved greatly. I still do not have 100% coverage though. I will give it a week or so to try and improve before a write another post […]

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how to make money with adult content on tumblr

Making Passive Income with Tumblr using Adult Content

A lit bit of strategy for you.. passive income techniques are key to being successful in this game. To be a millionaire you have to diversify your earnings, 7 income streams are needed to see real growth and security. While reviewing my e-commerce sites I started to feel anxious. E-commerce sites, again they can be […]

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how to make money with a porn website

How to Make Money with a Porn Website

You want to make a room full of people really uncomfortable, just say the word “porn.” **I personally have never done porn, so please don’t ask.** Regardless of whether people want to admit it or not porn revolutionized the internet. Many of the things we take for granted about how we use the internet today […]

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#2017flipchallenge gary vee

Quick Post: Gary Vee’s #2017FlipChallenge

I’m challenging myself to write this post in less than 10 minutes. If you follow me on some of my social platforms then you know I love Gary Vee. I watch his videos for inspiration all the time. Well this year, one of them in particular really got me thinking. That video was this one […]

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making money with content aggregation

Making Money with Content Aggregation

So the electricity is out here in my neighborhood in Puerto Rico, again! But looking for the silver lining, I now have time to write another blog post. You know constant motion. I want to share with you another online money making method, which can be a completely passive way to earn, but if done […]

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making money as a fashion blogger

Making Money as a Fashion Blogger – ShopStyle Info

Love seeing girls win making money as a fashion blogger, follow your dreams <3 The age of the internet is here to stay and as it grows with it the fashion world becomes bigger and bigger. It seems like every where I go I see a girl taking a picture of her outfit. And before […]

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Using affiliate links to earn money quick –

ad.fy has an ios app available. Download it and earn using the below method and your cell phone. what is Another method to earn money online is simply using affiliate links. There are many many affiliate programs you can sign up for. Do I know which ones are the best ones no I do not. […]

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making money with microworkers

Making Money with Mircoworkers

1:50 AM Puerto Rico This is my first post so I will briefly explain what I am trying to do. I want to earn a second salary by making money with Microworkers. I have tested many methods of online making money programs and made money, but I never took it that seriously. Now I need to […]

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