Cell Phone Selfie Light

Why The Cell Phone Selfie Light Is A Must Have For Perfect Selfies

In the age of taking pictures and sharing who you are, everyone wants to share their best selves! And to be clear, in the world of social media this means sharing the best image of yourself. While we all have varying degrees of cameras, filter apps, and technology many us are still wondering how to capture the best photo of ourselves?

But, social media celebrities have long known that the key to capturing the best photo is to have the proper lighting. 

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Professional photographers have known this for years, dating back to when the camera got its first, and very rudimentary, flash lighting; and all the way up to the very bright flash that you remember in your Target photo studio for family pictures with Mom and Dad.

But, in the wave of social media we are our own professional photographers and many us still do not know how the very few on Instagram are capable of achieving such high quality, well defined photos while we are still struggling to make ours simply – not blurry.

While its unrealistic to carry a photo studio in your pocket, our cell phones have really become the next best thing. So, achieving a quality photo that is taken at the spur of a moment, now only requires your cell phone and portable lighting. 

The answer to having the perfect lighting on the go is our Cell Phone Selfie Light.

Selfie Ring Light For Andriod & iPhone $12.99

Cell Phone Selfie Light by Mizzbehaved

When I first became interested in having the proper lighting, I too was in awe of Instagram celebrities who seem so easily to tag their selfies #iPhoneOnly. How could it be that these everyday people were capable of achieving such high quality photos with with their cell phones and I could not? After much investigating, I realized that they had a secret they weren’t sharing; and that was they had extra lighting in the form of a light they could attach to their phones!

At first, I wondered “which is the best selfie light choice?” I looked at a number of the lights and determined that I could actually find the very best light because I was also concurrently learning how LED lights work, which temperature of LED lights cast the best color (especially for photos), and what are the different brightness settings that can be achieved.

After learning all this super valuable information, I set out not just to get my very own selfie light, but the very best cell phone light that was possible.

Not just a cell phone light that could cast light, but that one that could cast the type of light that would achieve the highest quality photos no matter the conditions surrounding you, like low light environments. And that’s when the Mizzbehaved selfie light for iPhone was produced. It literally is the best cell phone light for selfies!

Selfie Cell Phone Light by Mizzbehaved

LED Lights emit a certain color tone, our 36 high quality LED lights were chosen to emit the perfect color lighting for selfies. One button switches between three different levels of brightness and color warmth. Perfect for live streaming, capturing a flawless photo, and providing lighting dark areas.

  • Color Temperature: 5600K
  • CRI >95%
  • Continuous Light In Full Power: 1 hour +
  • Rechargeable
  • Micro USB rechargeable cable included
  • Hashtag #Mizzbehaved for a feature!
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